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Voice: Progression

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The joy of salvation, faith through suffering, the hope of an eternal destiny—that’s what you’ll find on this new rap CD from Lightswitch Records, distributed by Sovereign Grace Ministries. “Voice” is Curt Allen, a pastoral intern at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Progression is his debut CD.

Curt Allen is a talented rap musician who joined Covenant Life Church in 2001. At first he tried to forget about rap because it lured him toward his old life of violence and crime. But Curt was on his own “progression” in godliness. At the invitation of Joshua Harris, Curt performed “You Have Captured Me” for 3,500 young singles at New Attitude 2004. Since then he’s performed at other Sovereign Grace conferences and in a variety of concert settings in several states.

Progression is a collaborative project, showcasing several vocalists and musicians from Sovereign Grace churches. While the style is new for us, Progression carries the same timeless message that we hope infuses all our music: the gospel. The audience may be different; the message never changes. Curt is straightforward about the sin he was rescued from (with lyrics intended for older teens and young adults), but he is preoccupied with the glory of Christ.

The CD features 16 new songs that portray a Christian’s “progression” from conversion, through the joys and trials of the Christian life, toward a destiny that’s about God, not us..

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  • Publisher: Curt “Voice” Allen, Honor Society Publishing
  • Release Date: 2005