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Watch Your Devotional Life: The Pastor's Communion with God MP3 DOWNLOAD

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Rick Gamache

The temptation to self-sufficiency is often struggle for pastors, as they labor toward ends for which they have neither sufficient time nor strength. Aware of these intrinsic deficiencies, a pastor can either dismiss prayer as secondary, or to cling to it as essential.

In this seminar for pastors and leaders, Rick Gamache discusses the different motives and methods that inform a pastor’s prayer habits. His instruction is intended to help pastors understand the place of both spontaneity and schedules, pouring out the heart and relying on the Word, and a number of other considerations in shaping a life and ministry devoted to prayer.

This message was delivered at Sovereign Grace Ministries’ 2007 Leadership Conference.

© 2007 Sovereign Grace Ministries

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