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A People of God’s Presence MP3 DOWNLOAD

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Jeff Purswell

What comes to mind when you think of the presence of God?

Is the phrase just a Christian buzzword? Does it describe a distant wish? Something you strive to achieve? An idea you take for granted?

In this sweeping message, Jeff Purswell gives an overview of the Bible’s story line and how it describes the presence of God. He sketches five images that appear as that story unfolds: A garden where God walks with Adam and Eve. A dwelling where God lives with his people, Israel. A person—Jesus Christ—who is God incarnate. A people who through their union with Christ become the divine sanctuary. And finally, a city where no temple is needed, for God himself is its temple. The conclusion is inescapable: God’s eternal purpose is to dwell with a people he has made his own.

Jeff closes with application for those who lead congregational worship.

This was the first main-session message delivered at the Sovereign Grace Ministries 2006 worship conference, titled WorshipGod06.

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